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CTRS began as Friuch Consulting in 2003 and has grown and evolved since then. CTRS has emerged as a solid boutique management consulting firm based in Western Canada with clients across North America.

CTRS is a full service tactical research and strategy management consulting company specializing in delivering desired outcomes when faced with complex challenges. We help our customers:

  • Refine their challenges

  • Explore potential solutions

  • Decide on the appropriate way to meet a challenge and,

  • Develop strategies to execute the solution effectively

Nearly 600 organizations have used our services since 2003 – earning us a reputation for high value output, honesty and integrity.

Our foundation is in research and strategy in both private and public spheres, but we stand out from other firms because we are honest, direct, outcomes driven and provide excellent value to our customers no matter what the engagement.

Our pro bono community work is also far ranging with ties to portfolios such as homelessness, immigrant services, sexual violence, education, services for children, community economic development and entrepreneurship.


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We know that finding the right consulting partner for your business challenges is a tough choice.

We offer a middle path - high quality work like a large, multi-national consulting firm and the personal touch of a small boutique firm. We are well established, have worked successfully for organizations that provide products and services you use on a daily basis.

We offer free consultations to walk you through your needs, the scope of your goals, and your budget so that you are confident in your decision to use our services before you sign a contract.

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Aaron Cruikshank

With a diverse background before entering the consulting industry in 2003, Aaron has worked with a wide range of clients across many industries in North America. Areas of specialization include market research, strategic planning, stakeholder engagement, public policy development and product/service commercialization. Aaron's secret weapon is his ability to bring diverse ideas together in the context of problems that need to be solved to synthesize solutions that are innovative yet practical.



Master of Public Policy, 2006

BA Hon. Communication, 2001

Activities & Affiliations

• IAP2 Certified
• Involved in a number of pro bono consulting activities



Vice President

Geoffrey Scoates

A well-rounded leader specializing in management and community development. Geoff has a background in finance and entrepreneurship and has worked with a range of businesses in varying industries to improve efficiencies by systemizing processes. Geoff is widely recognized for people skills, creativity, entrepreneurial drive and public speaking abilities. Geoff has more than 500 hours of leadership and coaching training through professional courses making him an expert in active listening and communication.


Activities & Affiliations

• Over 500 hours of leadership and communication training


Bachelor of Finance, 2008


caroline headshot.jpg

Vice President

Caroline Wakefield

Experienced Corporate Communications Strategist, Caroline has a unique background of working in non-profit, private sector and government. She is skilled in strategic communications, public relations, stakeholder engagement, and marketing strategy. Caroline graduated from SFU with Masters in Communication. One of her super powers is listening - she has a knack for understanding complex challenges and finding refreshing insights that create successful outcomes.


Master of Communication, 2005

BA Hon. Communication, 2002



Shannon Headshot.png


Shannon Leginus


Senior Associate

Baljit Siekham